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How is facebook advertising you ask?

Im going to do this the best I can without using foul language as I would love to.

Absolutely fn horrible. Let me explain why so pull up a chair and grab a beer or a nicely rolled joint cause you will need it after this. I am going to cut out some unnecessary info that doesnt really needed to be added to explain what all happened, if I go into deep detail it would probably make you fall asleep.

Ive advertised on Facebook regularly for years (6+ maybe longer) and at first it wasnt so bad. There were many times they fed my adds to completely *** accounts that werent even real and customers that were nowhere near my local business.

Im a father, husband, hero to some and an *** to others but worst of all I am a firearm safety instructor. I help people go from being completely scared of firearms to carrying one daily like a cell phone.

Ive worked around 70-80 hours a week (sometimes more) for 12+ years in other career fields Im in but all my spare time went to teaching people safety and protection. Ive helped everyone at this point from many situations such as abusive husband or parent situations, a blind girl who was attacked (yes she learned how to shoot, another long story) countless blue collar people who were minding there own business at work and they were put in bad situations by there employer where things went south for example female realtors and people who deposit money for there employer..the list goes on and on.

However every oppurtunity like clock work that I had available went to helping good people learn how to protect themselves.

Its easy to find these people on social media especially when a simple tag from a friend works great as word of mouth. At this point in my life i wasnt spending much with facebook to advertise, i had grown such a large name for myself locally and had been doing it so long and helped so many that the customers just rolled in. I had thousands of 5 star reviews and the best part is no one even came close to having that many reviews and I mever had anything below a 5 star..I was blessed in my work but I also busted my *** to make these things happen..


My first hiccup I never really fealt was a big deal but looking back I realized just how fd up advertising with facebook really is.

My account was hacked and $750 was spent advertising on another page I had that was more of a fan page but nothing worth spending any money on. I spent 7 weeks trying to get my page straightened out. See when your account is jeopardized sometimes you dont even know it and I contacted my bank explained what happened and they refunded me the money and marked it fraud. Well good ole fb didnt like that at all and decided living without access to my page is good enough with offering no customer service.

Finally after disputing the charges with them through my bank did someone finally reach out to discuss anything with me. I explained what happened and they basically acted like they didnt believe me although my side of it made perfect sense.

Why would I spend that money to advertise a picture of something on a hobby page that I hadnt posted on in years???? More importantly they seem to have no problem flagging my good posts that were meant for real business off my business page but didnt seem to feel like flagging the post that made no sense.

The gentleman I spoke with didnt buy it but they let me access my account again. Mind you I wouldve never got it back had I not backcharged my card for fraud.

Two days later Im running a boost on an ad for classes I have coming up. I then realized its not reaching anyone at all but it is racking up the charges.I decided to give it another day to see if maybe it picked up but that would be to easy.instead I awoke the next day to find myself blocked and them still charging me for ads that I couldnt turn off anymore because I cant access my freaking awesome.

Days and days of fighting with people at facebook customer service over the email they used to contact me from the previous issue did i finally get someone to help. Didnt last long and I was disabled again but this time for back charging the card from before..I wont drag this out much more but for a couple months I went with no way to access my customers or answer my messages but guess what? I was still being billed for it..the fun doesnt stop here, just one of several times.

We all know how ugly the election was in 2020 I dont care to speak on politics but I will speak the truth. When Obama was in office social media took a stronger stance against guns, i watched as they pushed all the negative gun stuff all over social media while the positive stuff fell to the way side (me) was a constant battle but Fb never really did more then annoy you woth there new rules of no gun sales on fb and constantly removing my ads ..ok thats fine it really is there choice however, when Biden took office the stance came back stronger and more of a headache to deal with.

Since the election I have been disabled from my account 3 times.this most recent time being the worst of it. I have now been totally disabled from all of my accounts without a single reason and with absolutely no way to contact customer service.

Here is the best part..I was blocked from my account without a reason two days before thanksgiving which means no income from my main source of customers, i was then charged $1500 by them for lord knows what, they caused me to have to lock my bank account down as they just took the money and were trying for more. I spent the holidays with a locked bank account and it was my first vacation off as well in 1.5 years..

Its now day 8 of my vacation and Ive spent HOUUURRRRSSSSS EVVEEERRRYYYYDAAYYYY trying to get help anyway I can, but nope im not worth a sh!+ to them as a customer to answer for there discrimination towards me and my business. It was bad enough our freedom of speech is stomped on constantly by them but now they locking me out of my account, charging me money, no customer service, no reasons and no business income from my main source.

What an amazing platform and an unbelievably shi++y vacation for the first time in forever.

This has happened other times but you get the picture but if not here is what I want you to take from this and it will be my TLDR

TLDR: Facebook discriminates against your beliefs and your business if it doesnt line up with theres. They hold your account restricted with absolutely no way to contact customer service. Ive spent thousanddddssss of dollars advertising and building my page and customer base.they have taken it all down with no explanation, they wont allow to create a new account, they are charging me thousands of dollars in advertising I didnt have, i cant access my customers that message us, no more income from my main source, constant battles with them trying to keep my page up, its the holidays and theyve screwed up my bank account so bad it was froze and locked down by the bank.

My advice to anyone advertising on facebook, they will def try and *** and it really is a rip off. There were many times I spent a couple hundred bucks on an advertisement and got nothing but bot accounts and garbage responses from people nowhere near my business. There self help/ troubleshoot problems stuff is a joke.

If you advertise with them you are there customer but expect to be totally scammed and absolutely no way to get help on issues. I am now using other forms of advertising and looking at better ways to grow my business to where I dont get screwed around the holidays..this is two years in a row for the holidays as last christmas I went through this because I posted a picture they didnt agree with followed by another page shut down earlier this year over them overcharging my bank account AGAIN and me disputingf the charges.dont charge me double you bas+@rds and we wont have this problem.

If someone at facebook or meta (whatever the f that stupid *** is) would like to reach out you can do so at


Years of amazing reviews and built customer base gone like I didnt exist. Its fn bull sh

User's recommendation: Dont advertise with them, they will charhe you for things they never did and poor performance in getting customers as it is.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: My page fixed and good customer service.

Facebook Cons: Account restrictions for no apparent reason, No customer service, Facebook does not do anything to help anyone.

Location: Spring Hill, Florida

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