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I would like to inform you that , on 07/06/2021 it has come to my noticed that my FB account has been blocked temporarily and when i try to Login my account , the system generated pages says that your account is under review and will be blocked permanently after 30 days , which shocks me after it came to my notice. Today i came to know the reason behind why Facebook have decide this.It was matter of hatred comment which had been send from my account.And its true that comment was posted from account but the said comment was not posted from my finger.This type of ridiculous behaviour was done by a unknown fellow in a restaurant where i charger my phone and my account was active and online.

I deeply request the Facebook authority to please not to Block my account permanently as for me Facebook is a part of life , without which it be very difficult for me to survive.

And again I sincerely promise that it will never be repeated the carelessness from my end so , that it become easy to mishandle my FB account in Future. I beg on my knees to FB management to please active my account.

Thanking you.

Your's sincerely;

Bikash Jyoti Borah

Contact No : +919706****83


Preferred solution: Reactive my FB Account..

Facebook Cons: Identity.

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