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i know mr Zukerberg is freemason and i know he has collegues that are also

i know that they were watching my direct live video and having experience, this was to give me jusitce after three years proved that comploting against me unfairly has been going on as i got the proofs in octobre 2020

this was a video where i was sitting down with a red dress on, all proper, no makeup on and no music on and no filter on

i was speaking french wich places an intention from mr zulkerberg to keep his seat on because me knowing psychology and philosophy seems to bother him as i know it better than anyone else on earth

this was a subject of the french higher exma of june 2021 and i knew i could nail down the bastards and *** having had behaved extremly bad and unfairly against me and this was to shatter the fact that they would uphold their saying on what and how to make me live my life, this goes as far as this and i insist because i know better not only what is best for but for the world and i threaten your boss to either work with me in respect and give justice in my life as he can or i hope he is finished because i believe i have more friends that one can imagine becasue i am so special that someone is watching over what i am doing no matter what day or night the time can be

so please react the best way as legitimately i am furious and if i make this video again it will be in french because the day i am respected i can talk to you about philosophy in english so his egocentrism can sleep tight in the meantime, do tell him and his wife all this please and thx in advance for putting this video or acting to call the people scared of you friom the good lodges of france, so

i am not patient nor impatient but furiously and lucidly awaiting JUSTICE AS I KNOW

this is the group where you or he or she knows i did the live direct video that was working just fine as i have broadband fibre optic connection in my small town in France

this has been an emergency since the 22 nd june 2018 and my video was direct at around gmt+1 time on this thursday 1st july in france, 16h30 this was a 55 minutes or one hour video long, this was your time in the morning, and i waited hours before sending this, PROOF , this was me being unic and bright fighting for my rights against the freemasons bad missguided order to make my life hellish though you can worse you will easimy find people that are to the amount of 5 billions that have never suffered against them a tenth of the suffering thrown unjustifyingly upon and against me and the two children i miss so much that this complot makes having stolen three years separation uncalled for by all means and i stamp on this because i know your boss and not only your boss knows about me before i know i am such a genius.

i clicked i have read but like more than 97.8 % on this planet, no not read your conditions pissed or not, i know things coz i am a genius of rare such rare quality that s for certain

User's recommendation: do not be a genius with such paranoïd twxo faced liers and arrogant *** or bastards with no abilities to speak to a human being that has what they want GENIUS with TRUE POTENTIAL.

Monetary Loss: $999999.

Preferred solution: the video back on that brings me or else skip to the action the video is bringing JUSTICE WITH THE CUSTODY OF MY KIDS BACK freeing the french loges obeying to your *** boss the father of my kids in jail I WANT APOLOGIES .

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