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Ive been having problems with the Facebook team for over the past few months now and as a customer Im getting frustrated and I need an alternative.

My account has been deactivated for a few months now and Im unable to log in because I know longer have access to the login code to verify that the account belongs to me and Ive been sending my I.D document for the past few days and still no luck

When local random people register on any social media platform they do not include their full identity I think that is obvious more common sense so obviously my full name wouldnt be on social media but my name and my date of birth should help identify my account, I even sent my student card that identifies the college I studied at which is attached to my Facebook account.

Ive been struggling for the past few months trying to get access to my account I even tried getting my old phone number back and email and had no luck with that either my last option is a hacker which is charging me way to much money to break into my account into the system and I dont want to go the illegal way and thats why I really do need assistance with solving this problem please.

Hope that this message reaches you and hopefully their is a solution to my problem, help would be much appreciated.

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape

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