This is Dan Pine from South Florida

My Facebook Account was accidentally disabled Thursday February 10th

I received an IM from someone who indicated that they could see my Birth Year of 1968

I checked my Profile and it indicated that my Birth Year was only available to me

I was trying to hide my Birth Year but accidentally, I ended up changing my Birth to 2021!

My account was instantly Disabled

I received an email to drpnyc68@***.com

I requested a Review and took a Photo of my License which was submitted

I got a Facebook notification that the License was received

However, I did not receive an Email to drpnyc68@***.com regarding this

Please email me and/or call me at (954) 675-**** to confirm that you have received my License and this email

Please contact me ASAP

I am 52 years old and of age to have this Facebook Account

I would like to have my Facebook Account reenabled at least by this weekend

Thank you for your assistance with this matter

Dan Pine


Sent from my iPhone

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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