One day while I was a work, I got a text asking me to put a code into Facebook when I logged in to verify it was me and I have not been able to find my Facebook account since. I am unable to log in.

My friends sent me a code and Facebook never sent the email they were supposed to in order for me to reset my password since the email address given for reset was not my own. I lost all my pictures. Some of the most precious memories I have of a couple of friends I have lost and of my grandmother who passed away December of 2018. I have made a new Facebook account but that will never replace all my pictures and more that I lost in the process.

My friends cant even find my old account when searching for it.

If they go to it by messenger, it goes to a black page. Its all gone.

User's recommendation: Back up everything. Facebook will never take responsibility or even provide a place for you to talk to a real person to resolve the issue.

Location: Jacksonville, Arkansas

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