I am reporting I originally received a message from my relative Mallory Cobb Simpson asking me to provide her with a Pin # due to being unable to login her account. I did so thinking it was her and in terms not only my account was hacked but so was her account and anyone who she is friends with on FaceBook.

When I query my name a blank profile appears which is fake and not mine. When I query a Jackson Hudson profile it is really my page with majority of my personal information yet displaying his picture. I'm not sure if this is a true phone number

(334) 524-**** which may be of reference.

I would greatly appreciate you contacting me ASAP to help solve this issue due to not knowing what this hacker might have tried to steal or sent from my original account.

Thanks and looking forward to your help. Jacoby Payne 334-750-**** or Mother (Sonja) 334-750-****

Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

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