My account was taken over when I got a message from someone on my friends list saying they need help logging into their account. When I went to help my account was taken over by hackers.

This happened in February and I am still trying to recover the account. People on my friends list have received the hackers message and their accounts have been taken over. My sister-in-law who has breast cancer had her account taken over by the hackers that took over my account. This has angered me a great deal.

My sister-in-law was keeping people updated about her recovery by her Facebook account. She no longer can do so. No matter how many times I have tried to recover my account, it doesn't work.

There has to be away to stop this horrible Domino affect. Looking for other sites to open a profile up on.

User's recommendation: Check with people before takings this action. Some of my friends did and are safe. To many others were caught up in this nightmare.

Location: Moravia, New York

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