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Good afternoon my name is Nikia Ellison my Facebook account was hacked on April 22 around 4:45pm i had received an email saying that somebody change my email and unlink my phone number I cant get into my account at this moment I did receive a code/password to gain access back into my account but unfortunately the code in the link was expired so I had to re-verify my ID once again Ive been doing it for a couple of days now uploading my ID info still getting the running around The correct email address is supposed to be linked to my Facebook account is Nikia.Ellison@***.com my Facebook profile name is Nikia Faith whoever hacked my account is trying to hacked my PayPal account since its link to my Facebook account also I have my Instagram account linked to my Facebook as well.

User's recommendation: Nikia.Ellison@***.com.

Facebook Pros: It is to reconnect with your lost friends and family, Get in touch with people, Staying in touch with family, Sometimes works.

Facebook Cons: First time getting hacked, No customer service when there is an issue, Not being able to call facebook or talk live with someone, Re-access your is too hard.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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