I have not used haate speech. The word "negro" is used by all of us in our country.

It is such a pride to be called a "negro".

Facebook blocks my account for 30 days because I use the word "negro". Facebook claims that it is a hate speech. Facebook needs to understand that I am addressing my Haytian fellow men and women and "negro" is well accepted in our culture and it is normal that we use the word "negro" when we speak to each other. Blocking me because of the word "negro" is an injustice.

This is the fourth time Facebook blocks me for using the word "negro". I am Haitian and all of us are Negroes from Africa. Hope that Facebook understands that I am not using hate speech against any group of people.

Would you please unblock me as soon as possible? It is a crime to do me such an injustice.

Location: Port-Au-Prince, Departement De Louest

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