The short of it is... I changed my password for like the 5th time in as many months because I forget it all the time and can't repeat passwords.

After that fifth time - BOOM! "Your account has been disabled!"

Followed all directions at least a dozen times with the "form" they ask people to fill out and never received a response from them a single time. Not even an automated message. I left tweets, tried all telephone numbers, and every thing I could possibly find.

I tried over and over daily for a month until the message popped up "You can no longer request a review of your account because it has been over 30 days".

I am one of the original facebook members, dating back to 2006.

This is crazy that such a huge company has absolutely zero consumer support. That's not hyperbole - they literally have NONE!

User's recommendation: Don't change your password?

Location: Houston, Texas

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