Facebook is huge! Millions of people are on it every day, buying, selling, posting, etc.. Yet, they have NO Customer Service to help you if you have a problem with anything!

I, myself, along with many other people I know, have been screwed by FB in more ways than one, if not by some people using FB to buy, sell or what have you. Mr Zuckerberg, however, couldnt give a flying fig.

My biggest question is why do we still use Facebook?! With the extreme amount of money Suckabug makes off of us using his social media company, why cant he shell out a few measly dollars for some Customer Service Representatives?! Why doesnt he care about the almost 3 billion monthly users that are funding his very existence?

Is it because hes too busy thinking about himself?


Is it because hes an ***


Is it because hes part of the Elite class of charlatans and scoundrels who secretly run the world into the ground because they want total world domination and deliberately make people suffer so they can flaunt their power over us?

No. Its no secret.

Mark Zuckerturd needs to be tarred and feathered as far as Im concerned. We have people out of work, starving, living on the streets, while he makes TONS of money to benefit only himself. Why do we continue to allow the slimy, gross and greedy to rule over us and our lives? Why arent we kicking these kinds of people to the curb and supporting companies that help serve one another?

I only wish I knew. Shrug

User's recommendation: Keep trying to make your voices heard.

Location: Newnan, Georgia

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