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On Christopher Columbus Day, you know the National Holiday to celebrate the mass genocide of Indigenous People. Yes that one.

Well I think its a great opportunity to celebrate Adolf Hitler on the same day since they both had common interests. Annihilation of entire races or die trying. Columbus is responsible for millions of Indigenous people being murdered but yet he founded America. Adolf Hitler is responsible for trying to annihilate Jews but yet he is the forefather of our physicians and we should celebrate him since he initially set the medical standards in which we live by today; experimental drugs that cause sterilization and death.

FB said they do not allow support of anyone who is a mass murderer. So please tell me the difference between Hitler and Columbus. I would like my fb account back as I am educating the world about controversial issues that have been hidden by the indoctrination within the public school system.

If this upsets people; we have to focus on white fragility. I am of many races and I believe God sent me here to change perspectives so we can all live in society in peace.

User's recommendation: Leave Facebook and utilize a different social media platform.

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Customer Care.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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