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FB does not care if one of their over 24,000 employees is harassing users. I see complaints over and over again, and nobody working as executives of that company gives 1 iota about any of its over 2,000,000,000 users.

They only care about who's paying their salaries ... businesses. Someone working for this platform has been harassing me since 2016. From deleting posts off my timeline; to harassing me about a nickname as my middle name; to crippling 2 of my groups; to perpetrating being a user attempting to login to my account, forcing me to change my password 3-4 times per day for several days until I changed my email address; to putting me in this new group-jail 3 times in 2 months; to disabling my ability to see posts in my own group; and doing all this for absolutely no other reason than they are afraid of me, discriminating, and being racists (or supremacists) about the exercise of my Freedom of Speech!

They do not harass anybody else, that I know of, the way they have been harassing me. When I file reports, nobody answers. I screen-print everything and have been sending information to a few attorney firms. I put this information on my timeline as well, and because there are no real social-media laws, they dare people to figure out a way to sue unknown employees.

These people are all over the world, can do whatever they want with impunity & no consequences, and what on Earth is the U.S. turning into? A Nationalist society where monopolies make all the rules, pay the government to go along with them, because they aren't doing anything about anything, either. There are no more consumer agencies willing to stick their necks out for the little guy anymore, nor attorneys, nor organizations, nobody!

I put a Roland Martin video into over 90 groups, all of a particular variety of groups. I get put in group-jail before Thanksgiving, and have no idea if it's the same employee who has been doing things to my account since June 2017. I could have been reported, or it's just an employee playing games with me, because nobody ever says why they're doing this to my account. Then, I post a study for a doctor looking for transgender POC men into 66 groups (because he had enough interviews from non-POC transgender men) and I get blocked again on Christmas morning.

I put that same post in a bunch of groups before, and never got blocked. And don't tell me it's an algorithm, because if it were, they'd take my appeals seriously and wouldn't just ignore them. Then, when I got out of that nonsense, for no reason at all, they block me again for 7 days. Nobody saying anything.

Appeals going ignored, because that same employee is probably intercepting them all and not telling anybody anything. I was a software consultant, so I know how easy it would be to do this sort of thing. Just attach themselves to my account and have a field-day. I pay 2 companies for their services that have groups, and I'm unable to post, comment, or join any groups whenever this employee(s) are doing this to me.

So, don't tell me Zuckerberg cares, nor the executives, nor the managers, nor the supervisors, and especially the employees who know they are free and clear to do whatever they want to without any supervision whatsoever. Yeah, just try to find anybody who gives a crap about someone they can't even find, because they won't reveal themselves. This has got to be criminal, but I live in the South and the police department won't do anything. The police department in Menlo Park, CA refers me back to the State I live in, who refers me back to Menlo Park, CA and the games continue.

They are threatened by me, trying to isolate me, disrupt my purpose on that platform, and being snakes in the grass. I've written Huffington Post articles about what they're doing, and I've made a couple of YouTube videos as well. They're probably reading (or looking at) all of them, and deciding to keep playing this blocking-game of cat & mouse with me. I'm not telling any lies, and it is them who are being covert, discriminating against, and harassing me.

I have way too many screen-prints of what's going on to add them to this complaint. I just saw this site from a search engine to see if anybody cares.

I couldn't attach a photo. Will try again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service by a FB bully employee.

Preferred solution: Repayment of my time, and a cease & desist against FB executives responsible for employee conduct.

Facebook Cons: Oppression, Racism, Unknownemployee, Discrimination, Supremacy.

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All that is because of the bots. Last year after Charlottesville FB started adding more things into the algorithm for bots to take down.

They increased the bots thinking a race war would be blamed on them. Groups are letting bots in and thats why groups get disabled. Once your in trouble enough if they ban you for a post the bot removed that doesn't violate the standards and you try appeal it never actually makes it to a human to review. In case you don't know what I mean by bot cuz FB is being shady asf listen up.

FB steals pics and makes accounts to trick users by sending friend requests or join requests to groups then when accepted the bot account can see what people are doing and if the bot thinks it shouldn't be there the bot deletes it. I'm *** pissed cuz I was accepting friend requests from everyone now I'm wasting time daily unfriending.

Good news is I have groups bot free that people can still post *** *** swear words dead people etc etc. Before groups were always looking for big numbers and FB took advantage of the popularity contest knowing these bot aka catfish pages would be let in


Facebook allows cyber bullying, cyber stalking, violates own community standards policy, hate speech, and threats of violence. I am pressing charges and have asked for $75,000 in quantum damages.