So a old friend of mine asked me if I could help her log into her account. I did next thing I know my account email is being changed and also my password.

I made a new Facebook on the 11th of October. This is when this happened. I've had the same fb page since I've had fb. She has also hacked my Instagram account.

Now she is contacting friends and family asking if they have cash app trying to scam my friends. I called the police and will be making a report tomorrow bc like I said I know who she is personally. Her name is Dattkid Ponce on fb she must have me blocked bc I can't find her. But 3 different people have contacted me w/ screenshots of messages of me asking if they have cash app and all this weird stuff she tried getting me to send her money before she decided to steal my account.

When the cops find her I will be pressing charges. She lives in Patterson nj as well I would hope you would delete or deactivate her account since she's obviously a scam artist. I hope this situation gets solved bc I'd like my other account back. I can't find half my friends.

It sucks to lose EVERYTHING.

ALL my pictures since my daughter was young. I hope you can also help me get my account back.

User's recommendation: Hacked account.

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

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