The hackers use my friend Trey Martin profile in which was also *** Although I did know at the time to promote a give away. He then proceed to ask for info to give to his advisor.

I then never gave info until he show trey Martin license which made it seem ok I then proceed let them know basic info like License and my bday. After the got me to send money throw cash to Bitcoin and wire it to the link so that and I was supposedly going to get money back plus a food interest. I honest though it was one of my army buddy looking out. It was until the ask me to change a setting on Facebook and send them the pin that was sent to my number.

I then was kick out my Facebook account they change my email and password so I looked it up try to use my number the got a notification from that new email they use and change all of the my info to gain access. I lost all of my memories and kids videos. And know they use my old Facebook to take away from other. My finacee who is also on Facebook is Kristie Gaspard can verify she is mother of our three kids.

To catch the imposter in a lie u should ask him to prove his identity record a video of him and DeFarrion Dobbins to prove it him. My picture or up on my page so although I use my middle name spell different and my nickname u can still recognize it me.

Location: Alexandria, Louisiana

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