My Facebook has been hacked, as well as my Instagram! They have gone so far as opening 2 credit cards in my name!

They got all of my Apple Pay/ Facebook pay info and charged my account. I have got that part resolved but now they are trying to steal my identity now! Its awful that someone get so much information with just a click! I had the password on my facebook pay but they turned that off and added all my info onto Instagram as well!

I wish I could get my Facebook back cause I lost so much of my wonderful memories! I am at a total loss! Makes me never want Facebook again if its this easy to get someones information!

My heart is broken that these *** did this to me. They have sent so many of my friends on Facebook messages and so many people have reported it and nothing has happened to these people!!

Facebook Pros: Being able to keep in touch with far away family and friends.

Facebook Cons: No help when account has been hacked, Cant get anyone to help me, Havent found a way to keep out hackers.

Location: Holton, Kansas

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