I keep receiving requests from adult websites and sex sites to pay for photos and private viewings. I have a young daughter that use to use my mobile to watch fb videos but now she can't.

I have reported these sites to Facebook and nothing has been done about it. I then comment to these sites and the individuals on Facebook that I am not interested, in a polite way, and I get banned for saying "I am not interested in paying for sex pics". Facebook allows these people to show half naked pics of themselves on my account but I'm not allowed to comment without getting banned.

I assume "WhatsApp adult" is allowed to be sent to my account as the site belongs to Facebook. I have reported admin of certain sites for allowing people to put naked pics on my account but nothing gets done about my complaints.

User's recommendation: Don't complain about fb because you will get banned for genuine complaints.

Location: Grimsby, England

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