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,i am very unhappy & upset nowadays because of on my account. I think that One day i post anything that against your was my mistake and i admit my mistake.i am really sorry for that.i Don't know about those policies of posting.but i realized after posting this kind of post.So,it was mistake i you to please remove all restrictions from my account so that i can work easily.i am worried about running ads on my page.i want to run ads on my page but Facebook didn't allow me.I am really for my mistake and i promise you that i will never do this again.please forgive my mistake and allow me to use everything normally.kindly green my account status and remove all restrictions .

I hope you understand all situation and you know better . so its my humble request to you that please remove all restrictions from my fb account and allow me run ads normally and easily.kindly update my account status to green with no violation.i will never do that mistakes again.

I will be for your response, thanks

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Lahore, Punjab Province

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