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Fakebook algorithms constantly alienating me from freely interacting with my family and friends. Fakebook gas deteriorated my mental health because of the intrusive stress it puts on how I need to interact with my friends and family, by bombarding my profile with more advertising than interactive inclusion of my friends and family.

This is a violation of my rights as a human being to freely interact without regulation by Facebook algorithms that intrude upon my psychological experience of normal human interactions. I am going to make it my lifes mission to dismantle Facebook now because Facebook is Evil and everyone knows it but is afraid to stop it, but Im not afraid of you and I dont care what you do to rationalize your product, its destroying humanity and Im gonna prove it. Im going to preserve the dignity that you stole from innocent beings and try to steal from our sacredness as you psychologically profile and market to exploit the human condition. This has gone way too far now and it has to stop.

We are not your test subjects to be psychoanalyzed for your profitability quotas. You used my information once without my consent or knowledge and Ill not stand for this disgusting form of brain washing and exploitative operant behaviors!

User's recommendation: Don’t do it, it’s more hassle and the cost of your lifetime hours that are limited will be sucked from you until it’ll be too late to realize you wasted years on something so trivial and intrusive of your time and rights.

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Mobile Application.

Preferred solution: Stop the exploitation of our time and interactions with our family and friends and create a better algorithms that doesn’t waste my time!.

Facebook Pros: Can got targated audience.

Facebook Cons: No privacy.

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