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LikeYou moronic *** violators of human rights! You are using sensorship to block ban and the like to remove posts that don't violate anything but the fat worthless blobs sitting behind a *** computer screen that looks like jabba the huts *** crack!

I hope they have a heart attack and no longer exist. That would be doing the U.S. a damn good favor. I didn't violate and community standards but yet you slags stalk and troll people just to give them 30 day bans when they don't deserve it.

It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH for a reason! But you *** retards are violating my rights for no *** reason than to harass me. You want to know why I don't buy anything from your company! It's because you violate privacy laws in order to stalk people on where they are, who they're hanging out with, what they buy and then try to say its to share an experience.

No it's to be a nosy *** troller with no life and you'd rather violate privacy for the sake of the mighty dollar. You deserve to be shutdown for good. And now policing what people say is disgusting! You make me sick!

Zuckerberg the freakshow deserves to be in prison along with the rest of you *** trampling on our rights! Stop trolling me! Stop harassing me! I am so close to deactivating Facebook for good!

Not like it's a bad thing!

You wouldn't be able to stalk me anymore. After this 30 day ban that you wrongfully put on my account, due to the ignorant fat *** that are so ugly theyre still virgins...w

User's recommendation: Watch out! Facebook sensors everything to fit what they deem is acceptable acceptable.

Preferred solution: Freedom of speech, freedom of expression .

Facebook Pros: Violate your rights.

Facebook Cons: Ridiculous when trying to delete acct, No direct contact can be made by unfairly disabling my account.

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