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It seems that I have been blocked from using Facebook for DEFENDING MYSELF!

Apparently this is happening a lot on Facebook. This woman questioned my femininity and I defended myself.

Apparently that was enough to remove me from Facebook but she is still there. The way I defended myself didn't violate any policies really because I WAS DEFENDING MYSELF!!!!.

Her statement asking me if I was a real woman was okay but me saying that I had real lady parts and that I was not a freak of nature like her was not okay. I didn't report her and maybe I should have. The thing is I don't deserve to be in FB jail.


All you had to do was remove the offensive post and inform me the post has been removed.

Blocking me for 30 days is INAPPROPRIATE especially because I was DEFENDING MYSELF.

So apparently we are not allowed to do that but people can question what your gender is.

There was another instance where I reported NOMORECHEEZMEH for harassing stalking and attacking some woman who lost her children. it isn't his place to say those horrible things about her mental state.. He threw a parade and instead your people said he was not violating any of your policies. I don't know who your people are but it is clear they are not doing what they should be doing especially if they are attacking one woman who doesn't deserve that attacking!

Facebook needs to do something about all of that.

They need to revamp their policy. It is amazing as to what other people say and it is approved but all you do with me is put me into Facebook jail instead of talking to me and simply removing the offensive statement.

Your punishment is TOO HARSH especially when defending yourself!

I am going to be calling you if you don't answer this. Please don't make me have to make a personal visit to your HQ. That would cost me a lot of time and money I don't have and cannot afford but I find that if you talk to someone in person your attitude toward that person changes.

This is not a threat even though it could be perceived that way. It just seems that trying to talk to Facebook and straighten this out seems futile. I just want to be able to post without any problems and not get jailed for doing NOTHING wrong but defending myself. .

If what I did was so bad, what did you do to her?

She is still posting. That tells me I was the only one who paid FOR DEFENDING MYSELF.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Facebook Pros: It is a great place to post what you are thinking.

Facebook Cons: Gestapo.

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