I posted an item to sell on Facebook Marketplace which I then found out I had been completely blocked from selling or buying or purely having access to all buy/sell sites including of course Marketplace.

It now says 3rd and final decision even though when I had requested a review I wasnt able to have my say so to speak.

I dont know if its because I had not used my Facebook for quite some time before advertising or whether its because I didnt put an actual image of the vehicle I was selling - instead it was a picture saying images coming soon.

But either way I just do not have a clue why I have been blocked from Facebook Marketplace and all other buy and sell sites.

And, Im desperate to not only find out why (and I completely apologise for any reason there may have been) but to also have access again. As I have quite a few items of which I would like to both Buy and Sell.

I was selling a car which Id posted on behalf of my mum who is going through secondary cancer.

I am sure there must have been a mistake here somewhere as o just advertised a vehicle and have read through terms and conditions and community standards and nothing I had written or advertised were of a demeaning nature at all.

The only thing I could think of was that I put a picture message on there advising images coming soon as I hadnt had chance to go and take any photographs.

I dont know who to contact regarding this but I had not been on Facebook for sometime so I apologise profusely if I did anything wrong.

I have no idea whats gone wrong here or why I would be banned because I find it very unfair and I dont think this has actually been reviewed correctly.

The vehicle I advertised had since been sold privately.

Please, I beg if you to re-review this as there must be some sort mistake as there wasnt any form of profanity or anything illegal in my advertisement but again I apologise if something I did was wrong.

I havent had the chance to talk to anybody or ask for a review as its just auto bounced back as being final when surely this cant be the matter when I havent dont anything illegal.

I did upload a copy of my drivers license, also.

Please, please review this properly and understand my apologies for any mistake I made - I was simply trying to do something for my mum for the first time being back on Facebook on a long time. And now I am blocked from all Marketplace and Buy & Sell sites.

I would love to be able to have access to these again and I do completely understand and respect Facebooks policies & standards.

I beg of you to investigate this further, review properly and contact me as soon as possible in relation to this matter.

I think there has been a glitch of some kind here.

Please, please take into my consideration my sincere apology for anything I did wrong but nothing I was selling was obscure, profane or illegal. And I apologise if it is because I hadnt been in Facebook for quite sometime or if it was due to the image but none of which I would have done if Id have known this would happen.

I would understand taking down the item for sale but I dont believe I should now be banned from everything without knowing when Ill be un-banned?

Please, please could you let me have my access back?

Thank you in advance,

Jayde-Rose Judge

Location: Accrington, England

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