thanks for replaying

I have had sweetness since about 15 days. deactivate my facebook account


Try Lion Instagram Help Center and Facebook Help Center, but covid 19.

So contacted Dutta. Sir my facebook account was linked to instagram account

Suddenly my instagram and facebook account got deactivated.

And I don't know your community guidelines, if I have made any mistake by mistake then forgive me.If I have made any mistake then I promise I will never make such mistake.

And I will never violate your community guidelines.

My accounts are all my memories and I also have lots of photos of my dead grandfather and I don't want to lose those memories.

My account is my identity, I am nothing without my account.

I worked hard for 3 years, then there were 1k followers.

I request again give me lot of my accounts

I will never break the rules of community guidelines in my life

my instagram and facebook like my best friend

please sir understand my feelings

thank you

your obdentaly your

name -Dharmendra Choudhary

instagram ID - Dharmendrac1432

facebook account - Dharmendra Choudhary

my gmail - dhchoudhary7000@***.com

my instagram and facebook password -997775****

and return my account to me

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