I need immediate and urgent assistance to recover my FB account which was hacked by someone sending me a google voice verification and requesting the code to verify "I" am not a scammer on Marketplace. While I was hesitant, I was concerned about scammers myself and accessed the link.

I no longer have access to my account and need your assistance to recover it!

I have many, many pictures of my family and daughter on there that I do not want getting into the hands of the internet and pedophiles.

Please contact me immediately to resolve at 720-838-****. My email for the account is spirit.13@***.com. However, I no longer have access to that email address.

When I attempted to change the email address on the account several months ago, FB would not allow me to change it. The phone # associated with the account is the one listed above.

Please contact me ASAP at the # above or lori.welsh@***.net.

Thank you,

Lori Welsh


Location: Arvada, Colorado

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