January 6th afternoon my Facebook page was hacked and now it is disabled for disregarding the Community Standards, I can't do anything. In my account, I had several pages and one (Bebes.Comes) of them was associated with Instagram ( BEBESPONTOCOMES ) as I had Facebook Business for ads it was linked for payments (however I already had a payment of 39.65 for advertising for something I didn't do and for another account associated by the Hacker with my transaction ID 61F69552M393****S).

The BEBESPONTOCOMES Instagram account was created in 2013, it already had more than 3400 posts and 12300 followers, I followed about 700.

And all the publications I put #bebespontocomes. The name that appears is Bebes.Comes.

My Facebook page uses: pedromoreira@***.com

Contact: +351 967 *** *89

I need to recover my accounts please, I always thought it was safe because the passwords on Facebook and Instagram were different.

Best Regards,

Pedro Moreira

Location: Aveiro, Aveiro

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