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In the fcbk pay it states they have the discretion weather they allow u to use fcbk pay or not depending on if you follow the rules which i have my fiancé and i send money back and forth between each other to avoid going to an atm and pulling out the money to go to the different atm to deposit the money on the 15 th of march i tried to send 5,500 but it would not allow me to so then i tried to send 900$ in increments of 6 and 1 100$ to add up to the 5,500 when i got up to 5/6 900$ payment they suspended my account for suspicious activity. which sucks because its not i bank with chase and with chime and i send him money off my chime so that i can avoid going to the back to do all of what i just explained i would very much so like ti be able to send and receive money again due to the fact that i didnt break any of there rules

User's recommendation: dont send large amounts if u dont want to have ur facebook pay suspended.

Preferred solution: re instate my facebook pay pls.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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