My Facebook pay on Facebook Messenger is not appearing on my profile account and when I tried to verify my government ID to accept money from someone. My government ID didn't work when I tried again, the messenger to accept money was not letting me in so that I could try a different form of ID.

So I need help getting Facebook pay back up on my personal profile. Also, would a passport count as a government ID? I tried my SSN card but didn't work because I thought it would be government ID. If my passport doesn't work, is there another way to verify that I am a real person on Facebook and that I can get Facebook pay back on my account?

Phone number to reach me at 702477**** and leave me a voicemail if I dont answer right away and Ill get back to you as soon as I can.

But please call if needed further explanation about my issue on Facebook. Thanks and hope to hear back soon and also have a great day:)

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