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U.S.A. goes every nation in The world and fight for human right and even now America soldiers sacrificed their own precious lives for this sacred cause(for defend human right) and yet, many human right are committed in this free nation of great country U.S.A.

which means, Facebook is ignoring human right and disabling multitude of members account permanently without prove guilty(must go through democratic process in order to prove guilty otherwise you are innocent according to U.S. Law) and disabling multitude of members accounts permanently without warning, without notification, without 2nd chance and Facebook itself became King Nero who was true tyranny of the world in Roman Empire and more worst thing is that Facebook itself which is actually robots(machines) make a lots of mistakes and violate law of land as well. For example, according to Facebook robots which are machines(Facebook's Business is run by machines) "anybody who talk against Facebook, Facebook will disable account permanently and this is crime(bullying, intimidation) and also Facebook former executive said "Facebook make people as addicted as nicotine in the inception and this is manipulation(crime) and I thought, why Facebook do not make people good habit as eat fruit, vegetable, whole grain foods through Facebook and build people but rather Facebook destroying people through addiction as nicotine addiction(all the addiction are bad and destroy people but good habits are build people) and also Facebook censored president Trump speech in Facebook because president Trump wrote "coronavirus is less dangerous than seasonal flu and this was his perspective and President recovered from infection in shortly, which means, to president infection was not serious therefore he recovered very fast therefore to president his perspective was right and what I am saying is that everybody have right to exercise their right which are freedom of expression and freedom of speech and this right are guaranteed to all the american citizen include president therefore all the media include Facebook itself has responsibility to report president's right to express himself in his own perspective about his thought and also people who read any article have right to think about whether agree or not agree about articles that they read. And what I am saying is that, right now Facebook is above Law and therefore in order to protect our democracy in this great nation and defend freedom of world, we american not to be silenced because if we american be silence about this important issue, America will lose power to defend and fight against human right violation in foreign nations and also Facebook is so unpredictable, which means, right before Facebook Robot(machine) disable my Facebook account, Facebook robot(machine) was so kind to me and next moment my Facebook account was permanently disabled and of course this is long story short) and also I had 2nd Facebook account right after Facebook permanently disabled my first Facebook account without just, without fairness, without warning, without notification without 2nd chance and this new 2nd Facebook account which has no activity on it also permanently disabled several days after my new 2nd account was open without any reason because since Facebook telephone is disconnected also Facebook run business run by robots which are not working properly and make a lot of mistakes, there are no way to find true reason behind my permanently disabled two accounts and therefore is this enough to prove Facebook is not really exist and therefore not real?

because in order to be real, man has to run business and robots( manchine's role has to assist men but in Facebook organization, you are not able to contact real people but all always you are contacted by robots(machine) and machine make tons of mistake and nobody are able to help to those who became victims of this unreal business which is Facebook but I want tell every public, we can change this Facebook wrong system through voice together and fight for our right to know truth and fight for establish Facebook community regulation align with democratic law therefore our permanently disable accounts without warning, without notification, without fairness, without justice, without 2nd chance, without go through democratic process will be restored once again and this is also part of strengthening our nation''s freedom and democracy. This is in my perspective and protected by U.S.A constitution first amendments which are freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion.

Thank you very much and God Bless you and God Bless America, sincerely yours, from Reverend Doctor Dae Yun Kim Ph.D. in h?

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Account.

Preferred solution: restore my frst .

Facebook Pros: I like.

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