I sent the following email to this site and to the email disabled@***.com. The only response I received was from someone who claimed to be a representative of the Pissed Consumer site who wanted all my facebook information including my password (not comfortable with allowing someone total access to my account because that seems to be the problem anyway)

On August 17, 2021, I received a notice that someone tried to log on to my Facebook account, changed my password, using an unknown device at 1:45 am from Ontario, CA.

I tried following your instructions to secure my account and was sent into a number of loops, none of them successful.I was told I requested a 2 factor authentication, which I didnt. I tried having a code sent to me but it doesnt show up anywhere. Typically I have the codes sent to my cell phone. I tried to install a different authenticator but there it appears you need to log onto your FB account to set it up and I cant get into my account.

Consequently a 2 factor authentication doesnt workI then tried the other way to authenticate without success. It appears that one must be logged into FB for this to work which is the problem because I cant log in.I tried accessing through your My Personal Account Was Disabled using a jpg picture of my drivers license and was informed more than once that Your Information Couldnt be Submitted.

At this point, I think I have exhausted you on-line instructions, have no idea what to do or try and am unable to find anything on the help pages which will successfully lead me to a resolution.

I should be listed as Leslie Nishimura Dugger but when anyone tries to look me up, it appears that I dont have a fb account.

Please advise.

Location: Truckee, California

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