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I made a comment that ..nato need to ..get assassin Russia dictator created a safer world.. for generation of people's to live as free world ..Facebook blocked my account for thirty days....few days after I saw on Facebook..American top general army..send out warning message to ..dictator Putin..explain American will ..make Putin.

Children grow up with out ..him..they will assassin him....Facebook never blocked..the American army general different rule apply to different. People's...Russia dictator leader evil man..we all aware the only chance this world had be free ...getting Russia dictator Putin out....that is a facts ..many countries afraid of one Russian dictator Putin...i doesn't afraid of him Putin ..if he created www3 I will fight his corrupt army...why Facebook afraid of one dictator leader Putin....people's should be to free to voice their truth opinion...and not being blocked by ...Facebook for speaking the truth...freedom of speech means..notting to Facebook policy...they violate people's rights..each second......I will say this again Putin need to be our world can live in peace...that a facts...Facebook more concerned about making billions of dollars...than allowed freedom of speech activist ..they all hear the truth...

User's recommendation: Facebook only interested in making money...had no concerns about freedom of speech.

Location: Woodford Green, England

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