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Someone stole my cover photo and profile photo (both of whixh contain my logo designed by me) and my company name from my FB business page and created a fake personal account. They have sent friend requests to dozens of my friends and sent messages telling them that they won a prize.

To redeem they have to click the link that then asks them for a credit card. Many have reported it and i have reported it every which way i can through help and support. Many have veen notified and i have been notified multiple times that FB will not remove the page and that no one is being impersonated. I am not but my business is!!!

My business page is The Salty Ox. I have over 650 people following and have had this page for 2 years. The fake account is brand new.

The fake account is a personal account called Thesaltyox. Please please please shut down the fake axcount.

Preferred solution: Remove fake account.

Facebook Pros: Networking, Advertising.

Facebook Cons: No customer service.

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