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I'm currently going through a bitter/jealous/domestic divorce. my reason for contacting you is to report identity theft..

i am not on any social media..never had an account on any platform..but i know that there is a fake facebbok account under mr email address..i have changed my password to my google account twice.i had to do it again today for the third very annoyed at this point..and i need facebook to help me protect my life from a stalker that's out to kill me because he's not in control..i was blessed to make it out..but he's harrassing me now because i put up boundries and divorced he's after me to the point where he has hacked my cell also..i reported him to them and they changed everything including my cell number. the name that i saw when i looked to see what name is on the said the name is Chyane Diaz..i don't have any idea who this is..this is some third party situation that my ex put me in without me knowing..she used my email address that you have but the password was not my read YDLWNto9..please block this person because she is invading my privacy out of spite..i'm afraid for my life..i reported this to my local sheriff's office, and i was then told to contact you..

please block whomever this stranger is because she is currently stalking me out of jealousy..i divorced him in October of 2021..just he's still bitter..please look into this matter for me. Thank you

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Walterboro, South Carolina

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