My mom, Nancy Hill, has tried going on Facebook Dating to find someone and I well incouragrd her to do so. We found someone but didn't look closely at their account.

It is someone scamming women as and attractive rich man and getting them to send money through this bank that is allegedly his, but he can't get in himself, apparently. We recently found this out because her bank called since she sent it to her bank to send it to him and this has been for like 5 days in a week and twice in 1 day. We already tried reporting hi, butt they didn't do anything. He harassed her when she said she couldn't send the money.

His profile is Terry O'here. Someone either stole this man's account and now using it to scam others on Facebook dating, or it is all fake.

User's recommendation: Do NOT talk to this man.

Location: Springfield, Illinois

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