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Hey fb... I got a 90 day restriction after some idiot fact checker labeled one of my posts from two days ago as false info.

The post was a very specific gas price sign, unaltered, captured during the Trump presidency.

The fact checker labeled it false because it did not line up with the overall NATIONAL AVERAGE.

Are your fact checkers so generally stupid that they do not understand what average means vs. What an actual specific price is?

Three days ago I posted a personal photo, one I had taken myself, from exactly one year ago, less than 30 days into this Biden economic nightmare, showing a similar gas price. Had I driven but five miles, I would have found a lesser price than the price I had posted, deemed false by your fact checker.

My post was accurate, the fact checker lied, and you have an unjust situation on your hands.

Fix this crap, and fire the damned fact checker... he is proven inaccurate!

User's recommendation: Fight back.

Preferred solution: Remove restrictions.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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