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A week and a half ago I was restricted for a month, I have 18 days left

They decided to restrict me for a post from a year ago, if it was such a problem why wasn't I restricted at that time? And for a month?

It sounds like I posted something extremely heinous. Well, I can't really even tell you what I posted because it's this miniscule preview and I can't bring it up bigger to see it. The bit I can see it looks like some dumb meme, doesn't look like something that's offensive or against their snowflake "community standards" it's a meme of the scene with James Franco in the ballad of Buster Scruggs where he says "first time?" That's all I can see.

I mostly want them to explain to me what the issue is with it, I'm only really restricted from going live. Kinda frustrating when you get punished for something and not know what it is

I tried to submit the problem on their help center and I tried calling which is a joke

I just want answers because I really don't see where I did anything wrong.

User's recommendation: I guess be careful what you post because the censor police will come after you even if it wasn't anything bad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Profile.

Preferred solution: Answers to what exactly I did to warrant me being restricted as thus far I can not see what the issue is..

Location: Riverside, California

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