I am having a problem with my posts not reaching my "friends" News Feed. For example, a political post that had no issue with Facebook's "Fact checkers." I understand from Senator Josh Hawley that you are responsible for censorship of information, tracking via internet (google, twitter, Instagram), and also PII for your "customers." LEGALLY speaking, your company has no rights to censor my opinions, nor my posts, especially if they are presented in a respectful and intelligent way, just because I am not a democrat.

I feel strongly that your company had a LARGE hand in the lack of election integrity and the slander of President Donald Trump, which led to the election of Joe Biden. I understand that your company is largely democrat, which is fine; everyone is entitled to their opinions. I understand that your company also is one of the wealthiest companies in the world, which comes with power. Please explain to me why your CEO refused to share information with Senator Hawley during his interview; he just said repeatedly that he would follow-up.

Has he "followed-up?" It is quite obvious that the reason for this is that there is plenty of incriminating information to hide, and your legal department is partially responsible for this, as you advise him. I am sure that your CEO was well prepared for his interview under oath and his refusal to provide information did not go unnoticed to the American public. I enjoy using Facebook for my network marketing business and to connect with my friends, but I have been dissatisfied with my experience recently. It is right to censor certain dangerous information, but not people's opinions.

It is not right to track people's internet experiences and their search history (google). It is not right to use Siri and Alexa to influence advertisement information.

As your company is impossible to get a hold of on the phone, perhaps you could answer my concerns in writing? I look forward to your reply.

Location: Germantown, Maryland

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