Hello Facebook,

Please help!

My FB email account gtshannon@***.au has been hacked, my current IT support for my company has advised me that it was subjected to the 2017 hacking via iinet email addresses which my email address was affected.

I have not used my gtshannon@***.au for some time now as I let this account lapse many years ago, approx. 13-15 years ago without updating my Facebook user details inc new email address.

Some of my old social media accounts were linked to my gtshannon@***.au address like Facebook for example, I have since updated Instagram page.

Facebook is the reason I knew this because on the morning of the 11 February 2022 I received notice from facebook that my account was blocked and because I hadn't changed my email address, I had no way to contact Facebook through the facebook site nor did I notice this because I hadn't changed to my email addresses.

Once I realized this I have since contacted iinet and have re engaged my old gtshannon@***.net.au account and can see on and or around this date that facebook did send me a message but its been too late.

I can also see through iinet that my gtshannon account has in fact been hacked as I can see requests to update passwords which were not requested by myself.

Please Facebook can you assist in rectifying as I have asked for a review through Facebook app when I noticed but Im not sure if its gone through or received? If you could advise it would be much appreciated?

My business and personal accounts with Facebook are registered through my iinet account and I have set up another account using my current email address graham@***.com.au but obviously this didnt work as I thought I could just change the address but of course this wasnt correct and in fact actually set up another profile, with no content of course.

It does appear another account has been set up under this address but of course I would like to fix up the gtahannon@***.au account and use my current email address graham@***.com.au

I hope you can assist or advise a way forward.

Yours sincerely

Graham Shannon

Kind Regards

Graham Shannon

Location: Bungarribee, New South Wales

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