This is not me!!! I hope you can help me.

No one seems to want too.

I tried to send an appeal through the link on my email but it would not let me. Said my email & password are wrong but they are not.

I am very frustrated & extremely upset. I do not harass anyone on FB. I have been a FB customer for a very long time.

My laptop has been crashed for almost a year. I got it fixed in the last two months so everything is new(passwords etc.) It was fixed by Advanced Solutions (webtobiz.net). They had to wipe everything out & put everything back in to fix it. I do have a tablet which I do not use for FB as I find it very difficult to navigate through.

I was in Southlake Hosp in Newmarket three times this spring & almost died (have proof of ambulance transder x 3). Could not get tablet to work at Hosp.

I am 72 years old. i have run a business using FB. I am a pass director on the Bradford Board of Trade.

I know the Bradford mayer, R. Keffer as well all the ward counsellors not to mention our MP Scott Davidson. I have a good reputation in Bradford Canada and I assure you that I would not jeopardise this by abusing FB guidelines.

I really need your help

. PLEASE CALL ME at 905 955-****

Thabk you sincerely,

Nancy Taylor

Location: Bradford, Ontario

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