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I was posting my religious beliefs

on religious websites that are of mine and you guys stop me from doing that

I get up had some restrictions and violations but its not mostly me

Im concerned about its my people

who are preaching the word we function

as a unit ends that is unacceptable to our laws we the people can easily make another website like yours and take

your Patton rights away

from your layout just

because Ive been given

the authority to do so and I will do it in the future but I dont want to

I would rather you guys

follow the law and not catch

any of these lawsuits

because I dont believe in suing

people you have guys have money

But all I have is my belief

And I believe in doing whats right

but if you cannot handle what

you were given it can be took from you Facebook is replaceable whats not replaceable is the law

set for freedom to share with one another this is why I love Facebook because you guys had the same vision along time ago Thats why Im not suing you

I did make a police report

I can send it to you but Im not gonna sue you

I just want you to have it on file

for next time I have a complaint so you know this is already been

done you guys have kicked me

off before with probable cause I was an *** to some people I cant help it I have temper tantrums like a child but if it happens again with no cause Im gonna make another police report and continue if I get about 10 then Im probably gonna end up Sueing you thats fairLOL" style="font-size: 16px; margin-right: 5px; margin-left: 5px; lol give you a chance I dont like taking your money that dose no good

I like fixing broken systems

Besides see at least am willing to

Give you 10 tries

you didnt even give me one

and Im still on a three day suspension

it sucks its really not fair I have autism and I get

emotional tantrums like a child

And talk prophanly I dont mean too it just happens

I shouldnt in FB jail

for having a disability

For something I really cant control

Ive gotten better but we all get angry

its being human but these excessive

Suspensions are affect my fellowship

and am not happy there better with there words then me and deserve to stay on Facebook doing what you promised then

Social networking

I know We all need better people

But money dont make you better we are perfectly imperfect even your CEOs

So please take my concern with humility

And do whats Right Jesus loves you

And I deserved some of these for the way I behaved but not this one thank you for your timeI hope understand what am saying

because its really offensive

to our constitution and our liberty

Am a reasonable man

try to be very merciful always maybe not verbal but actions but this time I did nothing wrong Thank you may God bless you abundantly you and your team and companys peace be with you

Location: Lake Havasu City, Arizona

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