Hi, Note my Facebook account has mistakenly memorialized and I am still alive.

Can Facebook please De-memorialize and reactivate my account.

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/Abdullahi.fiiigaay.

Full name of my account: Abdulahi Fiigaay

An account email address: a.fiigaay@***.com

Date of birth: 24/May/1989

Note My Account has been mistakenly memorialized Many times with in A week.

Mistakenly meaning, I am very much still ALIVE and well ( don't know how Facebook can memorialize an account without proof of death...its been quite upsetting!).

However now I cannot log into his account ( and YES, I has filled out all the HELP CENTER forms multiple times within week, my account was mistakenly memorialised many times but received no response from Facebook, further more can as a result not access my Business account,

Thanks Facebook team.

Location: Kiambu, Kiambu

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Dear sir. So many time i discuss with facebook hellp center.and i send all of my ducoments including passport .viza.Emarat ID.but still my account is memorialize.

But i am still alive leaving in dubai.by mistake thay memorialize my account .

Please i request to open my ID. This the link of my account.

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