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I got a friend request I accepted it and looked like a friend that I knew she told me to like this page and fill out like some kind of form to get money because of the pandemic and I was gonna suppose to contact one of the States Congress basically to give all my information and I feel like this is going on on Facebook UN on Facebook and I'm probably not the only person that they are attacking once I told them that I felt like this was a fraudulent issue She said just do it I said well I've given all my information to the police I have not yet but I will she deleted all her Facebook accounts and the Congressman's account was deleted as well so I think Facebook should do with this matter immediately I feel like it is an imminenthis is an immunint situation my phone number 62388**** and 91 give me a call if you need any information

Preferred solution: To catch the people fraudung your customers .

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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