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My name is Elvira Ella Salibasic and I have big problems with person named Petar Vukic from Novi Vinodolski Croatia.

He is posting MY photos with abusive, degrading, name shaming and lies about me for many many months now.

That person is on court now because he hit me by his car on my road and as we have a court case he is doing everything to ruin my life in every possible way

Also he has opened Facebook account in my name Elvira Salibasic and Petar Vukic is posting photos on that account also. I feel powerless , ashamed and scared as he has my mobile which je has stolen from me when he hit me by the car so therefore he has access to all of my photos, contacts etc.

Kindly get in touch with me as legally we should stop and prevent Petar Vukic from damaging my reputation any further.

So Petar Vukic shouldn't have an access to his account and he should delete false account in my name Elvira Salibasic which is stolen identity.

If you need any more info please promptly contact me.

As Petar got into my account he is calling and contacting every person on the list and making *** of my life.

Your Sincerely,

Elvira Salibasic

Preferred solution: To close false account in my name.

Location: Zatrep 7, Novi Vinodolski, 51250

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