On january 10th, I used Venmo to purchase a refrigerator from Sedric Jenkins, transaction id: 318379****37756****. I paid $999 ($100 more than he was asking on Facebook Marketplace, but that is besides the point).

He seemed kind, and knowledgeable, thus I was excited for my shiney new appliance. It was delivered with some minor damages, such as streaking that was not there when we purchased it, so we immediately notified Sedric who claimed it was just from the stainless steel cleaner and it should simply wipe off. Well, it didn't, but that is the least of my concerns. Upon cleaning my new fridge, I noticed the tracks for the produce drawers were broken, there was rust on the freezer basket, and the can holder was missing completely.

Again, we notified the seller (Sedric) who promised to get us the proper and missing parts and pieces. A few weeks went by and I had to ask him again, when he would have the missing parts. He usually asked me to call him in which I declined so that I could have documentation of our conversation and his promises. He informed me that he was working on it and as soon as he had the parts in hand he would drop them off.

A few more weeks went by of reminders and empty promises, before we got a phone call from our daughter that a strange man was knocking on our door very loudly, with force.... Thankfully our RING doorbell picked it up so we called Sedric to ask about the unannounced visit. I will admit that for a moment I was concerned for the safety of my family. Sedric claimed that he had one of the parts and was going to drop them off.

We asked that he leave them on the front porch and promptly leave as our children were scared.

The parts delivered on 03/03/2021 were not the right parts. We contacted Sedric who asked us to go online and find the right parts, then promised to send us the site he orders parts from and again asked us to call him. I stated again that I wanted all correspondence recorded via Marketplace. We were told on 03/04/2021 that he would order the parts for us and contact us when they come in.

March 16th, he came by to pick up the inaccurate parts where there was more conversation regarding us getting the parts we needed. April 10th, he was still researching what parts we need and he would let us know. April 22nd, I asked if we could just return or exchange the fridge since we cannot seem to get the parts we need. He asked me to call him, so I explained again that all communication had to be documented via marketplace.

May 19th, I sent another message asking for the status of the parts, the return or and exchange. At this point any resolution would have been acceptable. We received no response. Tried again 5/19, and Sedric informed us that he was out of town until Friday and would get back to us.

May 23rd, came and I asked what was going on... we went through the same typical he asked me to give him a call and I explained why I wouldn't... then he asked for a copy of the receipt, which we sent him. He replied with a snarky response explaining that he told us he would replace the parts but did not know when...

the conversation went south and he stopped replying. We ended up replacing the motherboard on the fridge, as that was malfunctioning and contacted him again on 6/9 to ask what the status was of our replacement, return or obtaining the replacement parts. I received no response. I reached out again on 6/15 and received no response.

Then on 6/18, he asked me to call him... ,I did not call, but was told by Sedric that he was going to check "tomorrow" which would have been 6/16 for a replacement since the fridge is now not working and giving us trouble codes. He finally offered to have his technician come out and diagnose the refrigerator for us. As of today, August 10th, we have not been able to get in contact with his technicial, we have called, texted and left voicemail messages.

When I reach out to Sedric, he only responds 50% of the time and his responses are empty promises. I am also reporting this with Marketplace but since the monetary transaction occured via Venmo, Marketplace told me that I have to file the claim with Venmo for purchase protection.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this winded email, I am just trying to get some resolution to this never ending headache.


Nichole Bertram

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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