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This is about Instagram. I got scammed through Instagram by a bitcoin scammer whos taking over peoples account and have taken multiple people I knows accounts.

First, the scammer pretended to be my friend whom I went to school with since 5th grade. I got a message about how my friend won this certain amount of money through bitcoins. I hesitated at first cause I thought it could be a scam but it was my friends account. I thought it was my friend who was texting me.

She wore on her kids life which my friend would not do if she wasnt serious so I believe her. The scammer took all of my money. That was my school money which was $5000. The scammer also took over my account and now scamming people with it.

So far I know she is using 3 accounts that belonged with other people including me. I dont know what Facebook is doing to protect people like us. Ive emailed Instagram support more then 20 times and no response.

They have been ignoring me while I am in a serious crisis. I need my account back so I can stop them from scamming all of my friends but only if Instagram or Facebook people decide to finally acknowledge that I am a human and need a their attention!!

User's recommendation: These social media is not worth it if you can’t contact them when I’m serious crisis.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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