My acct has been restricted multiple times in which it should not have been. There is a means to appeal these decisions, however, it seems that the first appeal is not actually reviewed by a human and is automatically upheld.

An appeal to the oversight board isnt even guarantee or even likely to be selected for review. I would dare to say that if a human actually reviewed all but, possibly, one of my appeals, Id have a clean slate. My account has been restricted for things like, typos which auto-changed a word (which was labeled Bullying), friendly banter among friends on my personal page with NO insinuation of violence and inky flagged by FB, not an actual person reporting the offense) (yet labeled Violence), and complimenting the culture of other countries while making fun of my OWN culture in the US, (labeled Hate). I am sure there are others that I am forgetting.

I am a military spouse and we are actually fairly dependent of FB for both official and personal communication.

To be cut off for 30 days with absolutely no way way to address the issue is so incredibly frustrating! Id love to speak to someone about policies and procedures.

User's recommendation: I have no idea.

Location: Jacksonville, North Carolina

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