Been logged in for many years, old email and phone number must be with my accnt, today it asked me to log in for some reason and now im screwed...wth...I NEED to get into my acct!!!!!!!?....esoecially today...HELP!!???

Aloha, Thankyou, Sooo so much for responding..This has been a absolute nightmare at best, Ive been trying everything I can everyday since new years eve day...Here is my current update.

So I created a new fb acct with my same name except with a s after Langreck...My original acct is Andrew Langreck, and my new acct is Andrew Langrecks, I have also created a new email address whitch is andrewlangreck@***.com, and I think successfully added my main email whitch is bluecedar2015@***.com...I did all that so I could recieve codes and reset my password, I have entered every code that got sent and at first it was saying I entered too many codes try again later, and I did for days, it said the same thing over and over again...then I managed to I think change my password, but then it asks me to enter another code, and then says my codes are incorrect, It must reconise me in my new fb acct because tgeres a icon of my original acct, and it seems to reconize that where the same person and gives me the option to log into that accnt threw my new acct, but then when I enter my password it says use a physical authentication key...whitch I dont have,or yse a code instead but that never works, In my original acct I never set up a key, so I dont know if it will open it once I buy one and synk it up to my new acct...abd Ive also tried connecting threw fb messenger and it takes me to a screen saying enter a code , but never sends me the code, also Ive downloaded a google two step authentication app, and tried those codes, dosnt seem to work, and tried signing in threw my google acct, just brings me back to codes...sometimes it takes forever to get a code if I get one so Ive had like 10 codes sent....Ive tried absoluetly everything I can, Ive researched answers tried every one of them...now im stuck on either use a physical key, or use a code whitch I cant get to work...So My last hope is to go buy a key, link it up to my new fb acct and pray it opens my original one as well...It seems to reconize where the same person, but wont let me in to my original acct, ....I am absoluetly losing ky mind with this, and far beyond frustraited...I apprueciate all the security and all, but this is nuts...not being able to get into my original acct has tottally put my life on pause, made me lose sidejob gigs, I have sooooo many contacts on tgere, not to mention my family and fruends think I just droppsd off the face of the planet since new years eve, probably think im dead or something....I am Absoluetly Desperate and Seriously Need your Help....this all happened because my email address and phone number assosuated with my acct where really really old, like hotmail old and like 4 broken phones ago, I dont know how I got in after getting new phones but never had any trouble till now...defenetly will never not update my info again,and I dont think I got hacked or anything...but I desperetly need to recover my acct...please please help me

Abdrew Langreck




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