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Facebook has developed into a labyrinthine series of terrible content options, advertisements/promotions, algorithm molesters, and the most robust, yet pointless, "help" system imaginable.

The content itself is mostly worthless attention *** by people who want to suck the advertising teat through manipulating the algorithm with clickbait drivel, and there's nothing cohesive about the style and content itself. Post a video? Fine. But then post the same video, or a clip from it, but call it a "short" or "story" or some *** And make sure I have two differing notifications for each one. Plus, you cross-post it to a group, which is a different notification. Do I even know you?

Don't even get me started on the endless parade of *** "friend suggestions". Thousands upon thousands of people who know people who know people, and you want to recommend all these random *** as "friends"? With a notification, of course.

Speaking of, have you *tried* to turn off notifications lately? Do you see the *insane* list of notification options? What the *** Some of them I can't even figure out how to turn off. I spent at least 30 minutes just trying to turn off ALL notifications of ALL KINDS, and it wouldn't just let me click one or two simple switches. How hard would it be to just let me click "turn off all notifications"? Or even if you absolutely *MUST* force me to choose each of the three types of notifications--email, push, SMS--then a simple toggle on/off for each of the three isn't hard to do.

But of course, they don't *want* it to be easy or simple or clear to reduce interaction with you. They want to keep you under their barrage of ads and clicks and traffic. They deliberate obfuscate the most basic ways to turn down or turn off facebook intruding into your daily life. They want you hooked on their content, so why would they let you leave?

If you want to actually delete your account--like I did after realizing how horrible it is to deal with facebook bothering me all the time, and that it only offers garbage for content--good luck tracking down *how* in their Brobdingnagian "help" information. Even once you find the instructions, notice how the instructions don't just give you a clear and plain deletion link. No "click here to delete your account" with a form. No, it's a 5-bullet-point series of "Click this, then that; If your account settings blah, then click Thing then Another Thing, and choose Another Click; From the Foo page, click Thing One, then Thing Two..." for zero reason. All they have to do is take searches for "delete [my] account" and offer the basic help page of "You can delete your account from _this page_," but that would be simple and easy and allow you to escape their data-sucking *** too easily.

Of course, once you finally *find* the deletion page, the result is "Facebook will start deleting your account in 30 days." Why? You *can* delete it now, *** do it because I just *** told you to. They have all my data/info tagged to me, it's a simple process to just delete all data tagged as mine. Delete my content, my pictures, my videos, just delete it. But no, they want to let my account hang in limbo for another 30 days before they *BEGIN* deleting it? *** And it's obvious they're doing this entirely as a retention measure; log in after confirming the account deletion action, and you get a Cancel/Confirm dialog, and no other access. Either you cancel the entire deletion, or you confirm and wait. And wait. And wait. For NO GOOD REASON.

When I began the day, I was annoyed with receiving yet another notification about some stupid Facebook thing or other--probably another group post I thought I'd turned off notifications for (I will look at my groups on Tuesday and Thursday, just like always, so I don't want to hear every stupid thing that gets put up)--so I went to my settings on my phone to see if I could turn it off properly. The notifications options were ridiculously long and annoying (even on the website in my mobile browser, because I removed the excruciatingly annoying app weeks ago), so I went to my desktop and used the browser there: barely more options. In the process of seeing the tons and tons of buttons/toggles I'd have to turn off--one by one--I realized I was becoming intensely aggravated, so I took a moment. I realized how Facebook had only really ever annoyed me. I almost never get any pleasure from the site. My friends--my actual, real friends who are the reason I even bothered with Fb in the first place--don't post enough that I see anything from them, except for the occasional birthday notice (and I have Google calendar for those). All Fb has done is increasingly annoy and aggravate me. I'm done.

Facebook is the most codependent, narcissistic "social" (advertising) platform you could ever use. It's insidious and full of garbage content, and anything your friends--actual friends, not the insane random people it suggests--might actually post is often swimming in a sea of mindless clickbait and algorithm masturbation. There's no point. Connect elsewhere, get rid of this trash.

User's recommendation: Discord, Counter.Social, real life.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Facebook Cons: Entire design and content.

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