I am Khaliliur Rahaman Riad. My facebook account user name is


Some days ago, one of my friend give a normal picture to my whatsapp and said to me sent him this in facebook.

When i sent the picture in his facebook inbox innocently, the facebook community take step against my personal legal account saying that i try to share sexual content or something else. Therefore, they blocked me from posting anything in facebook for 72 hours. After a day of this incident, unknowingly facebook community disabled my account and said to me satisfy that this is my real account and upload my legal id. I uploaded a picture of my passport, but they reply that it doesnt match with my id information.

Where the details of my passport and facebook account are undoubtedly same and real.

Please check my given id and comply this to my account information and give me access back to my account. As i a students in this account i am connected with my teachers, friends and family and its very important for me to get back the id.

Location: Dhaka, Dhaka

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