Hi, my name is Leslie. My fiancé Christopher Blackstone ( profile picture or Larry our bulldog as a puppy) has been hacked .

GBI has his hacked phone since July of 2020. We do not have access to his Facebook account, however someone posted a horrible video from his account. PLEASE DELETE HIS ACCOUNT!!! We do not want people seeing these videos.

We do NOT know where these videos are coming from or who has hacked him but we are working on it. Please remove his account , again we do not have access to his account. I have reported the videos when they came up and his account was deleted for about two weeks so we were happy about that, now it is back up. Who ever handles this please know that we have no authority over this, we have sent a snap shot to his attorney of the notification .

We are already dealing with legal issues involving his phone getting hacked.

If you have any questions please call 770715**** . Thank you!

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